The Weekly Message

Discipleship & Spiritual Recognition...

August 14, 2012

Here recently the Lord has been leading me to write out for further clarity the importance of discipleship  and the vitality of recognizing the spiritual maturity of others before we speak.  As we look upon the disciples we can recognize that not only did they go out to share the Good News but they also took responsibility for the new births. They did not just care about the “numbers” of who came to Christ but they understood their responsibility of continuing to teach Gods Word in order for {....}

Daily Growth

Original or Reproduction???

March 11, 2013

Have any of you ever taken the time to notice the difference of an original verses a reproduction? One of the differences between the two is the time spent in the development of the original. Another difference is the inspiration behind the developer or artist which can often be felt and seen in the eye. Some reproductions can appear to be real on the surface but as we take the time to study the depths of the person, place or thing is when we can {....}


The hardest part of life
Is learning how to balance.
If we are not careful,
We can lose sight.
Then life becomes nothing,
But a worthless fight.
Eventually becoming lost,
And facing all types of cost.
When we stay focused,
On the life of Christ,
We will find
The true desires
To all of Mankind
(To God All Glory, Amen)

A Flag In The Wind

Have you ever stopped to watch a flag blowing in the wind?
It moves so graciously in the freedom to no end.
As you watch the flag you will begin to see
The importance of its’ foundation
And the strength from where it stands allowing it to be free!
As the flag moves in each direction
Blowing in the wind
Begin to feel the freedom within its’ grace
And this is when you will begin to appreciate
Our freedom in this beautiful place!
There are times the flag may rest
And other times it will stand strong!
But all that really matters within the freedom of the wind
Is that the flags foundation holds to the end!
It is in this appreciation we will find
No other country in all of mankind!

Our Father's Hand

There is nothing like being molded and shaped by our Father’s Hand.
He picked me up when I was broken
He gave me hope when I could see no more
He has filled me beyond my wildest dreams
He has given me strength when I was weak
He has comforted me when I was all alone in the darkness
He never stopped loving me even when I was bent out of shape
For our Father’s hand  has touched me, caressed me,
and restored me to something of a vessel that
is to be used for His glory and not my own.
I praise God for His gentle and strong hand and allowing me to live again.


Seasons come and seasons go
Within each season we can relate
To our lives when we open our eyes
And begin to feel the reason why
Winter brings comfort
Spring brings life
Summer brings joy
And fall brings peace.
There is a purpose within each season
That we often fail to recall
When you fail to study the word of God
You will discover the true reason
For the season and hear God’s call
It is within the wind of each season
Then you will begin to hear God’s whisper
And feel the Lord guiding us to our future.

Fields Of Living Hearts

Our hearts are like fields waiting to be planted
Some lack nutrients and some need to be tilled
Some have weeds and some cry out in their needs
Some hearts are broken, and some hearts are soft spoken
But the best hearts are the one’s that are humble
Because they know how to listen and receive
In order to help others when they are in need.

The Supremacy of Christ over Biology

Here is a very interesting discovery that was brought to our attention from Cindy Crosswhite upon her receiving a copy of the book Special Delivery. When she saw the symbol for Balanced Life on the front cover of the book she was breathtaken and started searching for a paper that she had recently reviewed. To our discovery there is a direct link in how I James Harrison received the symbol design and how it ties to this discovery in Biology titled "The Supremacy of Christ over Biology." Study the pictures below and study the structure design of Laminin compared to the symbol design that I received by the Holy Spirit (You may also click the pictures below to see a larger comparison picture of the two symbols). All that I can do is praise God for this confirmation and now being able to show all of this to you.

Original Story by: The Gospel Life

The Story of Amazing Grace

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When you study history it is truly amazing how God has brought America so far, and in how He has never left us even when we began to leave Him. Never before has a country been so blessed as America, besides Israel, and it is my sincere prayer that we learn from our past to stand again in our future... John Adams once said, "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

God's grace is truly amazing when we learn to let go of ourselves and begin to seek His will instead of our own. It is sad but true how we often have to be broken before we can see, and this is where we all should Praise God once we have been set free...
"Sometimes in life we have to be on the bottom to even see our way back up to
the top."