What Kind Of Fan Are You?

September 27th, 2011

Have you ever noticed how many of the fans in the stands of a hockey game rise up during a fight? Have you ever noticed how many fans in Nascar tend to be waiting on a wreck as the race intensifies? Have you ever noticed how many reporters are waiting on something juicy to report in the news that tears someone down instead of lifting someone up? Or, have you ever witnessed someone when climbing a mountain with God how many people stand around waiting on the fall instead of encouraging them to reach their call?

There is a spiritual lesson behind all of this when we open up our eyes to look beyond the moment to receive the overall message. First off all we must recognize that this battle here is not against flesh and blood but spiritual powers beyond the human eye. As we recognize that Satan is here to steal, kill, and destroy and begin to break everything down to simply good and evil then we can discover the spirits which often guide our actions.

As the crowd chanted for the crucifixion of Jesus we can witness within many hockey games the chant for a fight. As we listen to the crowds at Nascar speaking of a wreck we can witness life and death in the tongue. Like the reporters who want to crucify an individual instead of reporting something that will lift someone up. The same spirit of jealousy or disbelief often waits at the bottom to pounce on someone as they fall. What is wrong with this picture? God’s Word teaches us that everything that is good is of God and everything that is bad is of the devil. Don’t miss this spiritual message and if you find yourself sitting around waiting on someone to fall maybe you are the one missing God’s call…

James A. Harrison



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What Kind Of Fan Are You?

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