The Ramp In Hamilton, Alabama...

July 30th, 2011

Over the past couple of years I have been following the Ramp in Hamilton, Alabama. The reason for this was the impact on the youth and witnessing the affects on immature Christians once they returned back to the watered down world. Another reason for this was for my own children and for my own responsibility as a father and man of God. I must admit in the very beginning I was skeptical and deeply concerned but now over time God has given me peace in understanding the Ramps current position and intention to edify the Kingdom of God. Within this understanding the Lord has shown me the importance of preparation and teaching obedience within the Word of God in order to maintain the fire within this watered down world. There is a Balance between fire and water and the Ramp is full of fire where many of the American churches have fallen into a trap of complacency as Eli without speaking the full gospel.

Here is a gentle warning for every parent or leader that is seeking the fire of God. Do any of you recall the rebuke upon James and John in asking about calling down the fire? The fire of God is an all consuming fire that does not destroy but is balanced by water in His love and mercy.  The Lord only sent the fire to to bring discipline and it is wise to know the difference between the fire in which we are seeking. As God taught us with Moses there was a reason that He led by cloud by day and fire by night but many without the spiritual eyes miss this lesson. For the Lord says,”Follow Jesus by day and I will keep you warm and protected by night.”

Think about it! A cloud is made up of H2O which is water and throughout the Word of God Jesus is referred to as living water, right? So, as we are taught in scripture to love thy neighbor as thyself and we are instructed to even love thy enemy this command is there not to bring division but unity. How we Honor others within our words and actions plainly shows in whom we serve and the part where I have found that the churches are slacking(not speaking of the Ramp) is the true teaching of the Word of God. Due to the lack of understanding within many leaders within the church and people in positions due to their popularity or for self recognition (like Eli’s children) this has left many of the youth in a discouraging situation when they  return from a rally on fire for God.

Another vital part to teach in the lesson of Moses is when to move and when not. This comes by being in tune with God and knowing His Word before we make a step. This lesson was taught with the Israelites after they conquered Jericho and ran out in their emotions only for some to lose their lives up ahead in Ai. Staying in tune with God requires self discipline and having the eyes to see and the ears to hear. As we speak of the fruits within the spirit of God there is another that is vital to teach and that is long suffering. Learning to trust in God when we are in bad situations are under unrighteous leadership is a vital lesson to comprehend. It is vital to understand that God despises rebellion but glows in our obedience as we learn to walk in His Word.

Why did Jesus tell the disciples before He sent them out in pairs to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove?  The reason for this is about spiritual warfare and how we are in this world but not of this world. When young Christians are on fire for God every believer should be behind them helping to fan the flames rather than smother them out, as well as the young need to understand the fermentation process of new wine in order to not explode. Learning to walk in this world and not be of this world is a process and without these children learning about the Balance within the the fire and the water of God then they are susceptible to dwindle out in this cold world.

Personally, I James seek the army of God and help train the special forces under His command. My passion comes from a controlled fire that is disciplined of when to ignite and when not with a special power source that comes as the breath of God blows upon the coals that are always ready to ignite. It is my prayer that every person within leadership receives this message in love to help prepare their flock for the before and after of what to expect as they attend the Ramp. For those parents in concern let me urge you to be ready to take your position as a parent and having a Godly home. A Godly home requires love and discipline along with time together as a family in the Word of God to magnify His name and what He is doing in your life.

We can all sit around and pick something out about someone else that brings division but when we learn to sit back in love and focus on Jesus is what will bring healing and unity to the body. For nothing was ever accomplished until there was one mind and one spirit as they learned to work together with the body of Christ. And”Woe To Thee” who tries to suppress the movement of God without looking below the surface to hear the heart of the message. It is time that we claim Victory in Jesus and begin to live our lives as God instructs! May God raise up anointed leaders in America that are willing to STAND up and proclaim HIS WORD without any fears for our children’s future generation….Amen

James A. Harrison


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The Ramp In Hamilton, Alabama...

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  1. Dawn says:

     Sincerely great admonition to us parents, James! We need to be equipped to continue the fervent love of Christ that is a FIRE that BURNS within us and it comes OUT in worship! It is a fire that burns internal…

    Posted on: July 31, 2011 at 9:46 PM
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