Are You In A Spiritual Prison

February 4th, 2011

 Here is another lesson that needs to be heard from Genesis 41 in the life of Joseph that relates to us today. If you know someone that may be carrying a scar from being wronged in life or someone that is allowing their circumstances to rob them of the peace they can have with God then please pass this message on to possibly help someone in need.   

 In Genesis 41 we learn how Joseph thanked God for the work that he had been given by Pharaoh and this work allowed him to forget all his troubles and the pain that was incurred within his family from childhood. See, during the years that he spent in slavery or in prison Joseph not only had time to learn some valuable lessons he did not allow Satan to spiritually rob him of his sanity nor cause him to not make a positive difference in the temporary season that he was in. Deep within his heart he carried a hurt that no one can imagine unless you have ever been wounded by family or friends.But he learned to deal with this wound in trusting God while never losing hope for the future.

 God’s Word, which is still alive today, never comes back void when we learn to commit ourselves to Him with repentant hearts in obedience to His Word. Through the life of Jacob and his son Joseph we can learn the importance of honestly facing ourselves in the mirror of God and learning to not allow Satan to spiritually rob us of our future. Unfortunately today, many individuals never face their pains and they develop ways to hide them through drugs, alcohol, affairs, or becoming workaholics. If you know someone like this may I encourage you from my heart to yours to please pass them this message so they might open their eyes up to the Word of God through the love of Jesus Christ. The last thing any child of God should ever want is to see someone to miss the kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven and allow Satan to confine them in a spiritual prison that can destroy the life that they have been given…Amen

 Are you or is there someone you may know in a spiritual prison that needs to be set free???

James A. Harrison

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Are You In A Spiritual Prison

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  1. michele says:

    I have always known god is real yet somehow managed to forget that in the way I have conducted myself and I am seriously not knowing how to get out of where I am now and no amount of praying is changing anything. I so wish I could just be an innocent child again but know then what I know now about a dark sider out there and to avoud it

    Posted on: April 3, 2015 at 9:00 AM
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