Can You Hear The Gentle Whisper?

January 13th, 2011

 The object in life is to learn how to walk with God through the love of Jesus Christ to serve His purpose and not our own. For there is a time to walk, a time to jog, a time to skip, a time to run and a time rest as we learn to give our best. As a youth we like to run, but as we mature we should be learning the wisdom in knowing when to move with God and when not to simply stay in tune. For if all we do is run without learning to stop with God then how can we honestly expect to truly listen?

 Here is a message that God whispered in my ear after prayer one morning in a chapel as I looked over to the piano that I so love to hear. No one was in the room but the spirit of God and myself as I walked over to the instrument to play a tune. In my walk I said,” Okay Lord, you say we can do anything if we have faith even move mountains if we believe. Not knowing the first thing about playing the piano I closed my eyes and touched one key to then hear these words upon my heart.

 “The note of a piano string, how far do you hear it fading away? Do you interupt its sound before it is complete? Or, do you start another key so the notes may meet. Each note has a specific tone to its faded end and it is in this appreciation we learn to love each note to the very end. If you choose to meet one key to another let them blend in harmony together so their music will last forever. It is in this process of unity between the keys that we can hear the music of God in the air that is being played every where.”

 I must admit that I can not play the piano like a gifted musician but in those few keys that were softly touched I heard those words spoken in the notes that were played. Can you hear the music that is all around and hear God’s whispers that speak to us in His beautiful sounds? Until we learn how to stop we will never learn how to listen…Amen  

James A. Harrison  

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Can You Hear The Gentle Whisper?

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  1. Tammy says:

    I’d like to share about the whisper I heard if I may 🙂
    I was married to a man who didn’t know the meaning of love. He felt it was his right to be with any woman he liked…even after our marriage. We had split up, and I went by his brother and sister-in-laws house where he was staying to ask him if he wanted to go to church with me. That’s when he told me he had slept with the 17 year old girl who was also staying there. I felt like I literally died. I felt incredible pain, but I was completely numb at the same time. All I could think was “Get to the church!!!” I didn’t know why it was so urgent, but I felt driven. I got there late, so I had to sit in the back row. No one in my row, and only an empty aisle behind me. Good. I didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. The worship service was going on, and in that church, we would raise our hands in worship to God. The problem was, I was frozen. My arms felt like lead, and as much as I wanted to praise God, it just wasn’t in me. I began to cry even harder, and asked God “How? How am I supposed to do this???” I felt awful, because as bad as my life was then, I knew God still deserved to be praised, and I*just*couldn’t*do*it. Then I heard the whisper. I felt the breath on my right ear as I heard the words “My grace is sufficient”. I whirled around to see who had snuck up behind me, but no one was there. I turned back around, confused, then it hit me…I *knew* Who it was! But those words…what did they mean? It meant nothing to me. Four little words, and I had no idea what they meant. I thought “Well, I’d think He would say something like ‘I’ll squish him like a bug for you'”, or something consoling like that, but He spoke words I couldn’t even comprehend in my pain. Then I felt Him. He touched the backs of my arms, and began raising them in praise to the Father! THEN I understood His words! When I couldn’t do it on my own, He would do it for me. His grace is sufficient! My unbearable, immeasurable, indescribable pain turned into the most incredible joy in just seconds, and I wanted to jump and scream and shout! I somehow maintained a measure of decorum…after all, I was in public. But ohhhh the joy that filled every fiber of my being! I’ve had a lot of trials and tribulations in my life since then, but when I begin to feel hopeless, I feel His breath on my ear, and I hear His gentle words…”My grace is sufficient”  and I know it’s going to be alright, because

    His grace truely is sufficient  🙂

    Posted on: January 17, 2011 at 2:44 AM
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    • James says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this testimony. One thing that I have had to learn the hard way, like yourself, over the years is the importance of God centered relationships.
      As a child of God that carries a heart full of love people don’t understand what it is like to have a knife put in your heart with their words and actions. I was never taught how to have a relationship with Jesus nor experienced His presence and this left me vulnerable to be preyed upon in the world due to a family that had been broken by Satan.
      If there is anything that I ever do in my life I am praying to share how REAL God is and that He is right beside us wanting to come in. People have shunned me because they don’t think God speaks today and they are wrong! For God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.
      Now let me leave you with this seed of hope. God wants us to first get our relationship right with Him and then if it is in His will then He will send us someone to share in the Kingdom experience of love here on earth that is only a foretaste of what we have in Heaven. Relationships of God are beyond words in friends and family.
      I pray that the Lord will continue to fill you and guide you toward your purpose in life through the love of Jesus Christ. I pray that God will continue to surround you in His presence and that every time you feel that Satan is spiritually trying to hold you down that the love of Jesus will continue to pick you up…For His Grace Is Sufficient!!!!
      Praise God in the valleys and praise God from the mountain tops!!!

      Posted on: January 17, 2011 at 7:55 AM
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      • Tammy says:

        Hi James, I know what you mean about the family situation. I grew up like that as well. I let the past dictate my future, imagining that I was “in control”. when in reality, it was just a continuation of the abuse, only it was by “my choice”, so it was “okay”. When I walked the aisle to be “saved”, it was at the urging of my step dad whom mom had married later (he’s my DAD now, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise lol), but Ihad no idea what I was doing or why. His good intentions got me a little bit of excercise, but little else. Well, I could call myself “Christian” (God forgive me) so that was cool. I was a good person now in the eyes of people. But I continued to live for me, and had no idea what being a Christian was about. All the other Christians in my life never told me I was doing wrong. It’s hard to do that when they’re doing the same things you are. But we had the title, so what else mattered?
        I had begun to straighten up some when I heard the whisper, but it was an on-off thing which lasted until I got serious about wanting to know Gods Truth about 3 years ago. Why did He come to me in my time of need when He knew I wasn’t ready to completely receive Him? I don’t know. I guess He knew that if I didn’t have that whisper to lean on at times, I would have taken my life, and He had plans for me. Just what that plan is still eludes me  O.o I read in scriptures that we are to give to the poor, but no one wants to receive what I have to offer. If it were money, hands would be out at every turn and waking moment, but when it come to treasures of God….I know that some of what I’ve been given is just for me, but some is for me to share with others. Why are people so afraid to have their beliefs challenged? If they are solid in their faith, nothing could shake it. If it isn’t something they have already learned, they do’t want to hear it. The worst that could happen is that their world is turned upside down, and they end up in the kingdom of God, instead of in the world. I’ll keep offering, and someday, someone will see.

        Posted on: January 17, 2011 at 11:04 AM
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    • admin says:


      I can really relate to what you are saying. My entire life I have known there was some type of calling on my life but I never understood it due to the lack of discipleship in the church and in my home.

      As a young child I experienced a love that I can not explain and then when my home was broken it was like taking a tootsie roll pop from a young kids mouth just when he was getting started. As time went on as a young sheep in the wilderness of the world I always heard the call and seeked the true love that I knew in my heart. I tried everything that was being shown to me from people to homes to boats and to everything this world had to offer but not one of them could fill the void that was missing in my heart.

      I knew the Truth from a young age and the simple difference between right and wrong but like you mentioned I fell into following what the world was showing in their false walk of faith and due to having no family or nothing to stand on (due to my own lack of understanding) I fell weak and fell into sin.

      During this time when I was taken to my knees and I knew their was something that I was missing is when I finally opened up the Holy Bible and read it through. The moment I opened it it was like an explosion took place. I will never forget saying this,“This is what I have been searching for my entire life and finally I am on the way home.”

      The last three years for me have been beyond words in how God has been guiding me and preparing me for something. Spiritually Satan has been attacking me beyond human comprehension and I can not give words for the discipline that God has been teaching in the spirit along with the discernment between good and evil.

      I look forward to sharing with you further and there are some others that will join us that are experiencing the same things that we have discussed. Please visit some of the site and the post on the revelations page to further seek what God is wanting you to hear in His Holy Spirit.

      Posted on: January 17, 2011 at 12:23 PM
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      • Tammy says:

        “Odd”, isn’t it, how God seems to be moving in people these last few years?  🙂 Time is getting short, and as much as I hate the pain and suffering and deception going on, I know it has been written, and must come to pass before Christ returns. It means Jesus will be returning soon, and what a joyous time that will be!

        Posted on: January 17, 2011 at 2:50 PM
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    • admin says:

      Here is something the Lord has been showing me and I would like to share it with you to see how you confirm.

      If you were to look at music since the 80’s you will find that new bands hit a wall and the music began to stall. Don’t you find it interesting how the younger generation is still playing Bon Jovi and the country stars are very far and few between? Now, in looking closely to music over the last 30 to 40 years what type of music has been on the rise?

      Have you noticed how the Christian worship music has been taking off and how it appears to be the only music with new and creative lyrics and sounds that are attracting the people? What was it that David did in Jerusalem to help cast out spirits?

      Now, stage 2 have noticed the frequency of God and even Jesus mentioned on TV from athletes to the Today show recently with the homeless man giving all glory to God? How about the marketing tools of house make overs that are helping people and biggest loser show breaking down walls that have been restricting the people?

      Stage 3, what about some of the movies from Sentinel to The Book of Eli and other movies that carry subliminal messages that can be related to scripture?

      Stage 4, Did you happen to hear the Presidents speech the other night? He read from the book of Job and mentioned a better place along with the best legacy we can leave is how we love others.

      Stage 5, Lets look at the weather patterns and what is taking place to get our attention. The Trade Towers was not just a freak accident. It was allowed by God to wake us up just like Hurricane Katrina was another message within itself. By the way there is another storm coming and this next one will excede all others.

      Stage 6, Have you noticed how Satan is spiritually rising in individuals to levels beyond previous recognition from shooting rampages to our youth falling to temptations of the flesh in outbreaks of teenage pregnancies?

      Stage 7, another interesting fact is the state of intellectual confusion that has developed among the people within our society and unfortunately even in the church? As you stated in your previous post on man made knowledge that is simply causing us to drift further out to sea.

      With all of this briefly said, it is interesting in where we are today because I see one of two things that are right before us. One a spiritual revival that is going to sweep this nation as America is being prepped with men of God that are willing to stand like they have never stood. Or, two a remnant being prepared to help God’s children for what is sure to come due to our drift away from the Word of God.

      America is on a path like Israel when they deserted God due to chasing their fleshly desires and the fall of the Roman Empire which built a government too large that eventually drained the people before their collapse.

      Getting back to your statement on how God is working with individuals is so true. Staying close to God helps us maintain clarity and sense something before it comes. Have you ever wondered why animals can tell a storm is coming before it arrives? Simply because they don’t have the world causing them to lose their frequency that helps them to simply do what they were put here to do.

      Did you know that humans are the only ones that distort or simply disrupt the natural chain of life? If we would only listen and obey our lives would discover harmony in the spirit of God.

      There are signs all around us and the fact is we need to be alert to speak what needs to be spoken and to help those that are in need…

      Posted on: January 17, 2011 at 5:32 PM
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    • admin says:

      Tammy, regarding your reply on the seekers post I would like to invite you to another discussion on that post involving another brother named Russ. I am curious in where you are in your climb in the mountain of God….Please don’t take this question in any form of arrogance but one thing I do know is that there is strength as we come together and that iron sharpens iron….

      Posted on: January 19, 2011 at 7:43 AM
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