The Love of A Child...

November 22nd, 2010

 As we grow old ,if you have not noticed, it is easy for us in our human nature to lose the vibrancy that we once had as child. This vibrancy gave us energy, drive, laughter and joy in the love that God gives us in the family of Jesus Christ. Lets really think about this a little further in depth to get where God is trying to take us.

 As an adult when our bones tend to ache, why is it that we don’t tend to hesitate when our child reaches up and ask for us to pick them up? Our children tend to stretch us in ways that take us out of our comfort zones and they can even try our patience. Without thinking how many times have we ever reached down to pick up that child and then later figured out that they were heavier than we expected? Do you see where this is leading?

 Now, lets take this same principle into the family of God. When a new child is born no matter the age they often have an energy that can ignite someone else. This passion of a child should never be suppressed due to our minds getting in the way because God gives us newborn spirits in Christ to reignite our youth. This same principle parallels our children and grandchildren because their joy can uplift our spirit.

 A childs love can not understand why another holds back their love. A childs love does not understand why their parents won’t pick them up. And a childs love just learns to deal with the ones that don’t know how to love in search of those that do…Amen   

James A. Harrison

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The Love of A Child...

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  1. Russ Hinds says:

    Good stuff! Thanks

    Posted on: November 22, 2010 at 6:15 AM
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