Trust God For The Outcome

April 8th, 2010

 One of the most difficult things in life is how to not allow Satan to spiritually affect our day and throw us off coarse. The Lord gives us our direction and He wants us to act in love in everything we do to not allow Satan to rob us of the joy that we carry. We all get hit from all different directions and some of us even stumble or fall but this is no time ever quit!!!

 There will be times in life that we can’t see and there will be times in life that we will want to give up because we feel as there is no use to carry on. This is where we must learn to trust in God because sometimes we have to let go in order to receive. God is at work in every circumstance and it is important for us to learn to trust Him instead of taking matters into our own hands. 

 Often we do more damage than we do good because we put ourselves in God’s position instead of acting in love and following His instruction. If something is not working and you feel that you just can’t carry on then I challenge you to turn it over to God and do the best with what you have been given. Because the longer we try to carry something then the longer it can be prolonged…amen

 So many times we get in the way when all we need to do is just sit back to allow God to work it all out…  

James Harrison

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Trust God For The Outcome

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